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MAY, 2007

FotoSeptiembre/USA Artist Search

Bill Brockmeier is an award winning San Antonio area fine art photographer who is beginning a special project in which you may be interested. He recently submitted a project proposal to Michael Mehl's Fotoseptiembre-USA and it has been accepted. Each year, this internationally known photographic project seeks to encourage and promote the work of fine art photographers, here and across the globe.

The project, called: "Art In the Garden," will consist of photographically exploring many of the human art traditions and disciplines...being expressed in the context of gardens. The arts to be explored will span music, visual (2D & 3D), literary, performing, and whatever others catch Bill's attention. This series of photographs has exciting and nearly endless possibilities: from a string quartet dressed in tuxedos, to a portraitist painting a subject, to ballet being danced...all occurring in the setting of various gardens. The garden settings themselves will also encompass a wide gamut: from large corporate/public gardens, to highly manicured, classic private gardens, to informal cottage gardens, to old and totally neglected and abandoned gardens. The central idea of the theme is to explore and express what art, design, and creativity can be, using the garden as a canvas.

And the unique twist Bill will place on this photographic series is his own expertise as a fine art panoramic photographer. The panoramic format lends itself exceedingly well to capturing the feel and essence of creating in the beautiful, natural space of a garden, and how these two subjects meld and enteract.

Bill is currently searching for those artists/subjects who will become a component of this new body of work he is producing. He is looking for artists of all "stripe" who would like to partner with him in this effort. The number of subjects/artists per "venue" will usually only be one, but some creative groups may have as many as four or five. All it requires would be making contact with Bill's assistant, so we can discuss how your particular art may fit in with the scope of this project. Then we may schedule a time for a photo session that would work for yourself, for Bill, and for the owner of the garden. In return for helping Bill in this project, he would be happy to give you an archival print of the best photograph from the session, as well as some limited copyrights to the image.

The series will be presented to the San Antonio community the entire month of September, at the Antique Rose Emporium. Michael Shoup, owner of the Antique Rose Emporium, has been very encouraging of Bill's artistic pursuits, and has graciously offered to house this exhibit at his establishment for the month.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in being a part of this project (either as an artist/subject, or as a provider of a garden space) please contact Bill's assistant, Dawn, at 210-355-8097, or at Thanks again for your interest in reading this!

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limited edition of 15 canvases,
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Garden Green On Blue
Shown at 2006 Artist of the Year Exhibition: New Braunfels Art League Downtown Gallery GARDEN GREEN ON BLUE, Bill Brockmeier, 2004

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