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I am currently shooting a series of panoramics based on the Spanish Missions of San Antonio, Texas. This extreme wide-angle format lends itself well to the expansive and complex buildings and grounds of the Missions compounds, as well as to the unique architectural interiors. The five Missions (yes, the "Alamo" was one of the original Missions in San Antonio!) and the related aqueduct are providing me with numerous opportunities for discovery and expression. I expect this project to be complete (of course that is never really possible!) in another year or so. This project may ultimately result in a panoramic book on the Missions.

In the mean time, you can check my progress here, with some recent example images. The image below is of some mostly restored stone archways that originally comprised the convento on the grounds of Mission San Jose.


Treasures in Stone

Historic Architecture

of Bill Brockmeier

Arches and garden at Mission San Jose
Arches and garden at Mission San Jose (200 view): San Antonio, Texas 2002, Bill Brockmeier

Most of the images in this San Antonio Missions series are available as archive quality prints. You can find more information on obtaining them by clicking here.

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