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The Texas Hill Country is green nearly year-round, but come springtime, it really wakes up with incredible energy and enthusiasm. Lowly bar-ditches along the roadside become elegant canals of color as brilliant phlox display themselves. Medians between the oppositely flowing lanes of interstates become awash with the red tides of Indian Paintbrush. And entire fields of the delft-blue Texas Bluebonnet show up in unexpected places and stretch to the horizon.

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Wildflower Images

by Bill Brockmeier

Marble Falls: Farm Fades to Blue
catalog# A104
Marble Falls: Farm Fades to Blue, A104

Hill Country: 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Marble Falls: Farmhouse In Sea of Bluebonnets
catalog# A102
Marble Falls: Farmhouse In Sea of Bluebonnets, A102

Hill Country: 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Brooks AFB: Sea of Coreopsis
catalog# A105
Sea of Coreopsis, A105

Sea of Coreopsis: 2002, Bill Brockmeier

Marble Falls: Lake of Bluebonnets
catalog# A244
Marble Falls: Lake of Bluebonnets, A244

Lake of Bluebonnets: 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Blanco: Verbena Swell
catalog# A101
Blanco: Verbena Swell, A101

Verbena Swell: 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Brooks AFB: Showy Primrose Tide
catalog# A252
Brooks AFB: Showy Primrose Tide, A252

Showy Primrose Tide: 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Mason: Candelilla on Fence
catalog# A299
Mason: Candelilla on Fence, A299

Candelilla on Fence: 2003, Bill Brockmeier

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