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Ihis photograph was taken in downtown Gruene, Texas just after sunset. Gruene, on the outskirts of New Braunfels, sits at the top of the high northern bank of the Guadalupe River. Originally founded as a cotton ginning center, Gruene is now home to many unique shops and establishments.

Gruene Hall claims to be the oldest continuously running dance hall in Texas, and showcases the music of many nationally known artists.


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of Bill Brockmeier

Gruene Twilight
catalog# A231,
(price code L)
Gruene Twilight, A231
Farm Fades To Blue: 2004, Bill Brockmeier

As stated elsewhere on this site, the actual image file is huge, and a large, final printed image will have finer details than the human eye can resolve at a normal viewing distance of 18 inches (click here for information on prints). In general, the beauty of the full-size print can barely be hinted at by the images displayed here.

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