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Ihis photograph was taken as the sun dropped below the horizon at a fifth-generation farmstead near Hamilton, Texas. Close friends who are the heirs of the property had invited me up for the weekend. After nightfall, the only sounds to be heard were the refrain of crickets, and the rhythmic breathing of wind through the pecan trees. The view was miles and miles of darkness, without a single man-made light to be seen.


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Hamilton: Fifth Generation Sunset
catalog# A182,
(price code L)
Fifth Generation Sunset, A182
Fifth Generation Sunset: 2003, Bill Brockmeier

As stated elsewhere on this site, the actual image file is huge, and a large, final printed image will have finer details than the human eye can resolve at a normal viewing distance of 18 inches (click here for information on prints). In general, the beauty of the full-size print can barely be hinted at by the images displayed here.

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