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The earth's atmosphere— the sky, the heavens— is one of the daily wonders that so many seem oblivious to. To miss appreciating a breath-taking sunrise, or to avoid witnessing the awesome power of a thunderstorm, is to miss a grand part of living. The Texas Hill Country sky is resplendant with the glories of a dynamic atmosphere.

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Skyscape Images

by Bill Brockmeier

Brooks AFB Sunrise
catalog# A260
Brooks AFB Sunrise, A260

Brooks AFB Sunrise: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Hamilton: Fifth Generation Sunset
catalog# A182
Hamilton: Fifth Generation Sunset, A182

Fifth Generation Sunset: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Bowl of Fire
catalog# A315
Bowl of Fire, A315

Bowl of Fire: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Crimson Barred Sunset
catalog# A310
Crimson Barred Sunset, A310

Crimson Barred Sunset: © 2004, Bill Brockmeier

Warm Horizon
catalog# A311
Warm Horizon, A311

Warm Horizon: © 2004, Bill Brockmeier

Breaking Through
catalog# A312
Breaking Through, A312

Breaking Through: © 2004, Bill Brockmeier

Deep Portent
catalog# A313
Deep Portent, A313

Deep Portent: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Orange Creme
catalog# A318
Orange Creme, A318

Orange Creme: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Noctilucent Lanes
catalog# A325
Noctilucent Lanes, A325

Noctilucent Lanes: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

catalog# A323
Crossdrift, A323

Crossdrift: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

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