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Ihis image was taken at Mission Espada in San Antonio, Texas. The vertical panorama explores the light, colors, and symbols of the intimate and secluded interior of the sanctuary.

The blindingly bright light of the sun blazes through a side window, and seems to split into its component colors near the floor, where countless worshippers have knelt in admiration of their Lord. A cross is clearly formed by the framework of the window's glazing and is echoed in the small cross on the wall that signifies the "Sixth Station of the Cross." A coarse woven cloth lies at the bottom of the window, reminiscent of the garments that were stripped from Jesus as He was hung on the cross. Overhead, beams of wood seem solemn and heavy with weight, as the beam that Jesus carried to His place of execution was physically heavy upon His shoulders, and ultimately, as the weight of the world's sin was heavy upon Him on the cross, and He cried out: "Lord! Lord! Why have you forsaken me?"

This photograph has been shown in competition and has not only won awards but the appreciation of the thousands that have viewed it. The image is currently available in a very limited edition of 20 prints on archival canvas, about 72" long and about 21" wide. The image may also be available as a smaller print on archival matte paper, with the image about 40" by about 8".

Although this image is substantially larger than the previous thumbnail image you clicked, it has still been extremely reduced in resolution and clarity to allow you to easily see it over the Web. As stated elsewhere on this site, the actual image file is huge, and a large, final printed image will have finer details than the human eye can resolve at a normal viewing distance (click here for information on prints). In general, the beauty of the full-size print can barely be hinted at by the images displayed here.

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Panoramic Images

of Bill Brockmeier

SA Missions: Espada Prism,
Mission Espada window and furnishings,
catalog # A794,
(limited edition canvas)
SA Missions: Espada Prism,<BR>Mission Espada window and furnishings,<BR>catalog # A794
SA Missions: Espada Prism,
Mission Espada window and furnishings, # A794
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