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Ihis image was taken at Mission San Jose in San Antonio, Texas. The vertical panorama explores the light, texture, and forms of the front portal facade of the sanctuary. The many sculptural forms carry considerable symbolism. The light and shadow painted around the sculptures by the descending sun pull out the third dimension of the complex curves and planes. Although the magnificent carved stone facade itself is the most obvious aspect of the structure, the ancient faith of those who planned and carved it is most prominently displayed at the very tip-top of the tower and portal — the Sacrifice of the Christ (thus the title of the image).

This photograph was recently premiered at the prestigious Boerne Festival of Art and Music in central Texas. The image is being archivally produced as a large, stretched canvas (66" tall by 14" wide) in a very limited edition of fifteen pieces. Orders may be placed by contacting Bill Brockmeier by phone or email.

Although this image is substantially larger than the previous thumbnail image you clicked, it has still been extremely reduced in resolution and clarity to allow you to easily see it over the Web. As stated elsewhere on this site, the actual image file is huge, and a large, final printed image will have finer details than the human eye can resolve at a normal viewing distance (click here for information on prints). In general, the beauty of the full-size print can barely be hinted at by the images displayed here.

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Panoramic Images

of Bill Brockmeier

SA Missions: Crowned With the Cross,
San Jose front portal,
catalog # A281,
(limited edition canvas)
SA Missions: Crowned With the Cross,<BR>San Jose front portal,<BR>catalog # A281
SA Missions: Crowned With the Cross,
San Jose front portal, # A281
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