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Ihe Garden described in Genesis (and its ultimate restoration in John's Apocalypse) is a place of incredible beauty, fulfillment, perfection, and design. And whether intentional or not, this is what present-day gardens strive to emulate. The San Antonio region (and beyond) is host to numerous gardens— from small, informal and secluded, to large, highly manicured, and breath-taking. But they all aim their efforts at marrying peace and balance with harmony and surprise.

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Gardens & Plantscapes

by Bill Brockmeier

Garden Green On Blue
catalog# A025
Garden Green On Blue, A025

Garden Green On Blue: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Within Azure Walls
catalog# A024
Within Azure Walls, A024

Within Azure Walls: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Terra Cotta Ark
catalog# A019
Terra Cotta Ark, A019

Terra Cotta Ark: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Trio of Maneaters
catalog# A022
Trio of Maneaters, A022

Trio of Maneaters © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Very Blue Whale
catalog# A021
Very Blue Whale, A021

Very Blue Whale: © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

Red Peak Rising
catalog# A023
Red Peak Rising, A023

Red Peak Rising © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

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