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Ihis image was a once-in-a-lifetime shot. This perfect setting of the perfectly full moon, just cresting over the rim of the Chisos Mountains immediately after sunset, was either an absolute "accident," or more likely, the miraculous work of God's Providence. An entirely different shot had been planned (and was even underway) at this location, but it was fortunately interrupted by my companion who had been looking in the opposite direction from my planned subject. Of course the original shot was abandoned, and by the time the final shot had been set up and recorded, the moon had just crested over the mountains.


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Moon Rises Over the Chisos
catalog# A134,
(price code L)
Moon Rises Over the Chisos, A134
Moon Rises Over the Chisos: 2003, Bill Brockmeier

As stated elsewhere on this site, the actual image file is huge, and a large, final printed image will have finer details than the human eye can resolve at a normal viewing distance of 18 inches (click here for information on prints). In general, the beauty of the full-size print can barely be hinted at by the images displayed here.

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