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The state of Arizona contains some of the most striking visual experiences that can be encountered on the earth. Locations like the Grand Canyon and Sedona are just a few of the places here that can truly stir the heart.

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William Brockmeier

Images of Arizona

View From the Top
catalog# A353
View From the Top, A353

View From the Top: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

Beyond the Rail
catalog# A406
Beyond the Rail, A406

Beyond the Rail: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

Pipe Creek Sunset
catalog# A407
Pipe Creek Sunset, A407

Pipe Creek Sunset: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

Desert Watchtower At Sunset
catalog# A447
Desert Watchtower At Sunset, A447

Desert Watchtower At Sunset: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

The Earth From Four Feet
catalog# A434
The Earth From Four Feet, A434

The Earth From Four Feet: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

Watchtower Shaft
catalog# A446
Watchtower Shaft, A446

Watchtower Shaft: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

Wings Of the Morning
catalog# A412
Wings Of the Morning, A412

Wings Of the Morning: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

Tall Trees Of Oak Creek
catalog# A340
Tall Trees Of Oak Creek, A340

Tall Trees Of Oak Creek: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

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