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Ihe Desert Watchtower is a unique part of the Grand Canyon. It is man-made and clearly cannot compete with the majesty and vastness of the Canyon, but it nevertheless rewards those who take the time to "discover" it. Inside, the shaft of the tower is open, from bottom to top, with a spiral stairway running up and around the inside perimeter, taking a climber all the way to the roof.

This view, looking up into the shaft is quite remarkable. The image was taken in the unconventional vertical pan mode, with the floor being seen both at the bottom and top. Just below the center of the photograph you can see all the way up the shaft to the circular ceiling, with the stairway spiraling around it.

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Panoramic Images

of Bill Brockmeier

Watchtower Shaft, Grand Canyon AZ
catalog# A446,
(price code L)
Watchtower Shaft, A446
Watchtower Shaft: 2007, Bill Brockmeier

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