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Living in the Texas Hill Country, I am constantly aware of how deeply the people here see the land and natural environment as extensions of their homes. The trees and rocks and waterways around them are as important to them as the floorplans of their houses, or even how many square feet of floorspace they contain. They see their living spaces as extending beyond those walls and into the countryside around them.

To photographically capture a sense of how these homes fit into the landscape requires something beyond conventional photography. That "something" is extreme wide angle, or panoramic, photography. By recording an image of 150°, 180°, or even a full 360°, a compelling portrait can be made that displays a home in true relationship to the land around it.

The great portraitists of centuries past (and even of today) placed their subjects in the personal, intimate surroundings of where they lived, so as to reveal even more of the character and inner life of their subjects. So too, panoramic photography places the home in its true surroundings, revealing more of what the home truly is than just its structure.


Homes In Their

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Pratt home from front yard
The Pratt Home (200°+ view): Blanco County, Texas — © 2003, Bill Brockmeier

I also capture panoramic portraits of home interiors. Many homes, because of either their expansive nature, their panoply of focal points, or their unique layouts, cannot be effectively showcased in simple, conventional photography. To meet this need, I also offer the production of high-quality panoramic portraits of the interiors of homes. This can be especially valuable and satisfying for those homes of historical and preservation importance, as well as those with unusual and noteworthy architecture.

If you are interested in having a panoramic portrait created of your home, contact me so I can set up an appointment with you. In the north Bexar County and west Comal County areas my base fee includes an hour of on-site photographic work, all studio production processes, and full-color proofs of all panoramas. Any additional on-site photographic work is charged at a nominal per hour rate (additional time is not usually necessary, as I can usually shoot multiple panoramic sequences in the initial hour). I will certainly entertain photo sessions farther away, with a reasonable travel fee (based on distance) added to the base charge.

Basic Estate Portrait Fee, $175, includes:
  • One hour of panoramic photographic work on-site
  • At least two panoramic sequences (frequently three)
  • All studio digital production work
  • Printing and mailing color proofs of each panorama produced

Additional On-Site Photographic work, $65/hour

Following the photographic session, I will digitally compile the panoramic sequences and print and mail small proofs of the images (all included with the Base Fee). When you receive these proofs from me, you may select one or more of the images to have me archivally print them full size (8.5" tall by up to 44" long— and I will entertain custom requests for even larger prints...up to about twice as large). I can also print on archival artists' canvas. I will then provide the prints to you as bare prints, or matted, or fully framed (including a plexiglas or glass cover). All printing, matting, mounting, and backing materials are fully acid-free to contribute to the longevity of the print. Packaging/shipping/insurance costs for bare prints is $10, while shipping costs for matted or framed prints will be determined on an individual basis.

My current pricing for printing appears below (these prices DO NOT include the separate photographic fees as stated above).

up to 35" long $75 $110 $240
over 35" long $95 $130 $280

The standard frame I use is a high-quality metal frame in matte black, but with just a few more days lead time, you may special order virtually any color you might desire. The matte I use is a white-core, black surface material, which elegantly sets off the beauty of the image itself and visually isolates it well from the surface on which it hangs.

Or, you have the option of buying the bare print, and having it matted and framed yourself at any frame shop you might choose. More information on the high-quality, archival prints I produce and their prices can be found in the link to the left, or click here.

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