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The human visual system is a remarkable creation that allows us to capture an internal model of the universe in which we are immersed. Eye and brain work in amazing concert to seemlessly piece together a natural, wide-angle view of our surroundings.

Conventional photography is a wondrous medium which can capture some of the beauty seen with our own natural vision, but it falls short in how much of the world it can grab in a single shot. Wide-angle lenses have helped to expand this scope, but even their limited expansion of the view comes at the price of significant distortion of the image.

Panoramic photography was invented over a century ago to overcome these narrow-angle limitations of the conventional medium. It gave a whole new ability to capture some of the true scope of what we see, but large, heavy, and expensive equipment has kept this technology something of a secret, and hidden on the back shelves of photographic technique.


About Panoramic

by Bill Brockmeier

Canyon Lake Dam
Canyon Lake & Dam (300°+ view): Comal County, Texas — © 2002, Bill Brockmeier

The technology of digital imaging, coupled with the power of modern high-speed computing has made it feasible for me to plumb the depths of panoramic imaging. In the beginning, my interest was personal exploration and expression, and now I am sharing these wonderful images with others. The links to the left will take you to various subjects that I am currently exploring, as well as more information on my images and panoramic photography in general.

Throughout this website, you will see various images that I have created with the techniques of panoramic photography, many of which are available in printed format. The images displayed here bear only a faint resemblence to the full-size, high pixel-count, archival images that I print. If you have an interest in purchasing my images, please click here.

If you are interested in learning more about panoramic photographs, you will find more information here.

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